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National Centre for Clinical Audit

Our purpose is to strengthen the development of an end to end process for clinical audit. This is in line with the recommendations in the National Review of Clinical Audit Report. It also meets the needs of clinical audit service providers and multi-disciplinary stakeholders.

What we do

We work to implement the National Review of Clinical Audit Report (PDF, 112 pages, 3.6MB) recommendations.

The 5 key pillars of our work are:

  • National Governance of Clinical Audit
  • Local Governance of Clinical Audit
  • Clinical Audit Training
  • Clinical Audit Education resources
  • Legislative Changes affecting Clinical Audit (i.e. GDPR and Data Protection)

2 minute video of the HSE Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Colm Henry, discussing the National Review of Clinical Audit report 2019, the launch of the HSE National Centre for Clinical Audit (NCCA) in April 2022 and the importance of clinical audit in any health system.

Service providers

A wide range of national clinical audits are commissioned and managed on behalf of the HSE.

These are our clinical audit service providers:


HSE NCCA Clinical Audit Practical Guide 2023 (PDF, 64 pages, 4.7 MB)

Clinical Audit Toolkit

National Centre for Clinical Audit Nomenclature – Glossary of Terms for Clinical Audit (PDF, 12 pages, 0.8MB)

Data Protection and GDPR FAQ’s for Clinical Audit (PDF, 1.29 MB, 17 pages)

HSE National Steering Group for Clinical Audit Terms of Reference (PDF, 8 pages, 0.7MB)

Submit a case study for use within the NCCA training programme (DOCX, 0.1 MB, 2 pages)

HSE National Clinical Audit of ED Triage Report (PDF, 5.3 MB, 44 pages)

Clinical Audit Awareness Week Survey Analysis Report 2023 (PDF,117 KB, 12 pages)

HSE National Centre for Clinical Audit Annual Report 2022 (PDF, 2 MB, 22 pages)

HSE NCCA Organogram (JPEG)

Original HSE Clinical Audit resources on

Generic local Clinical Audit Template (excel)

Training Events

The Fundamentals in Clinical Audit Course is delivered either via e-learning (on HSELand) - or virtually over one full day and one half day.

The Advanced Clinical Audit Course will be delivered virtually over one day.

The training is interactive and provides a wealth of educational resources and further signposting.

For information on 2024 clinical audit training events and dates, please see the NQPSD Prospectus of Quality & Patient Safety Education & Learning Programmes below.

Prospectus of Quality & Patient Safety Education and learning programmes (PDF, 4.8 MB, 114 pages)

If you would like to submit a clinical audit case study that your organisation is running for potential use within the HSE National Clinical Audit Centre training programme, please complete this document.

For related queries or further information, please contact the HSE National Centre for Clinical Audit at


Twitter: @hsencca

Majella Daly, National Centre for Clinical Audit Assistant National Director, National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate

Karen Reynolds, National Centre for Clinical Audit

Selene Daly, Clinical Audit Facilitator

Alison Dwyer, Clinical Audit Facilitator