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Published: 22 March 2024

Latest episodes of Walk and Talk Improvement podcast

Did you know, more people die of sepsis each year than heart attacks? We’ve just launched two new Walk and Talk Improvement Podcast episodes on sepsis. One is tailored for the public and one for healthcare professionals. Listen to one and share the other or listen to both with your personal and professional hats on.

Could it be sepsis?

What do you need to know about sepsis as a patient, carer or parent? How can you reduce your risk of getting sepsis? Join our guests Maeve Murphy, a busy working mother of three and a sepsis survivor and Denise McCarthy, an Assistant Director of Nursing for Sepsis, HSE to find out more.

Reducing and managing sepsis - what do you need to know as a healthcare professional?

As a healthcare professional, you’ll likely have heard the public awareness campaign for sepsis. You may be wondering what are the latest resources and tools to help you identify or diagnose the symptoms of sepsis and what you can do to improve patient outcomes. Join our guest Denise McCarthy, Assistant Director of Nursing for Sepsis to hear more.