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Published: 29 May 2024

Vote in the Q-Exchange

Patient Safety Together have been shortlisted for Q-Exchange funding.

Q Exchange offers Q Community members the chance to develop project ideas and submit bids for up to £40,000 of funding.

The theme for Q Exchange this year is: 'How can we improve across system boundaries?​'

Vote for this project on the Q Community website

What does this project aim to achieve?

This project aims to co-design a multimedia resource pack for healthcare services and patient advocacy groups. The pack will improve our ability to share patient safety learning by enabling us to reach people that may not be aware of the Patient Safety Together programme and its offerings. It will identify more diverse ways to spread learning and help close the loop on patient safety incidents. It will also support services in planning and performance by helping embed a culture of patient centeredness, shared learning and patient safety improvements.

The multimedia pack will incorporate new ways of reaching key audiences including physical and digital resources such as:

  • leaflets, posters and banners
  • digital presentations
  • videos

The pack will also feature work from Patient Safety Together, available resources and help people to become involved.

How can I support this project?

Are you a Q-Community member? You can now start voting for your top 5 projects for Q-Exchange 2024. Voting is open from Wednesday 29 May to Wednesday 12 June.

Share your thoughts on how you think this project will improve services. We want to hear your feedback and ideas. Comment directly on the project submission page on the Q-Community website.

Funded projects will be announced on Wednesday 3 July, 2024.