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Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral component of any population screening programme. The National Screening Service (NSS) provides quality assurance by ensuring that the range of QA standards outlined by programmes (BowelScreen, BreastCheck, CervicalCheck and Diabetic RetinaScreen) are comprehensive, fit for purpose and informed by high quality evidence and best practice.

We consistently assess the validity of our standards, working with all relevant stakeholders to support this work.

The QA Policy Framework and supporting documentation outlines a standardised cross-programme approach to quality assurance.

The framework enables a more objective, consistent, and effective approach to QA and ultimately improves outcomes for the participants of national screening programmes and will guide the maturation and development of quality assurance operating models in screening.

Screening programmes QA standards

Quality Safety and Risk Management Committee

The purpose of the Quality, Safety and Risk Management Committee (QSRM) is to assure itself and provide assurance to the NSS Chief Executive that the risks relating to the NSS are being effectively managed. It assists the NSS in the fulfilment of its governance duties in relation to quality and risk.