QPS Connect Team

Our purpose is to enable NQPSD (National Patient Safety Directorate) teams to support services to develop their quality and patient safety capability.

What we do

We support NQPSD teams to use communication channels and networks. This benefits the people who use and deliver services, commissioners, regulators and policy makers.

Here are some examples of the work we do:

  • Mapping, engaging and communicating with stakeholders (across the HSE and externally).
  • Broadcasting about and promoting structured programmes of learning.
  • Improving awareness of and access to QPS events, special interest groups, and networking opportunities.


Q Community

QPS Ireland Network Map

Walk and Talk Improvement Podcast Series


QPS Talktime Webinars

Tea time catch up for Q Community members of Ireland

Schwartz Rounds

Schwartz Rounds Training

Schwartz Rounds Community of Practice (COP)


Dr Maureen Flynn, QPS Connect Lead

Juanita Guidera, Quality Improvement Facilitator Staff Engagement for Quality

Sheema Lughmani, Digital Communications Officer

Anne Marie Heffernan, Office Administrator

Kris Kavanagh, Digital Administrator