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QPS Education Team

Our purpose is to support a culture of continuous learning by enabling the development of QPS (Quality and Patient Safety) competence across our health system.

What we do

Here are some examples of our work:

  • Accessible learning through our central QPS learning management system and resources.
  • Excellence in learning through our standardised and evidence based approach to design, development and digital support for QPS learning programmes and systems.
  • Enhanced QPS capability by continuing to develop QI (Quality Improvement) and Human Factors Learning pathways.
  • Fostering the development of local QPS communities of practice that build facilitation skills and provide a space for shared learning.
  • Develop alliances to influence and align QPS learning agendas, curricula, best practices, and research that will develop QPS competence across the system.


HSE Standards for Decontamination

Human Factors in Irish Healthcare 2018-2023 (PDF, 2 MB, 13 pages)

NQPSD Evaluation of Education and Learning programmes Guide 2023

Framework for Improving Quality in our Health Service 2016

QPS Competency Framework Information Sheet

Prospectus of education and learning programmes

QI Programmes and Resources (Introduction Level 1, 2 and 3)

Human Factors Learning Programmes and Resources

Quality Improvement Knowledge and Skills Guide

UCD Co-Lead toolkit


QPS Talktime


Stephanie Horan, Education and Learning Coordinator

Emily Frisby, QPS education facilitator

Margaret Codd, QI Facilitator, Human Factors Programme

Caroline Conneely, QI Facilitator, National Decontamination Advisor

Veronica Hanlon, Educationalist