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Clinical Resources

This clinical page is a dedicated resource for comprehensive insights into the diagnosis, management and timely treatment of sepsis. Here you will find the latest sepsis guidelines for adults, maternity and paediatric, with and practical tools to enhance your understanding and expertise in addressing this critical medical condition.

Assessing whether or not an adult or child is at risk of sepsis starts with a suspicion of infection.

Listen to patients, parents and carers who ask “could this be sepsis?”

A diagnosis of sepsis should be considered in any patient that presents to a healthcare facility with an acute illness or experiences clinical deterioration as a hospital inpatient that may be due to infection.

Early recognition of the signs and symptoms of sepsis with timely escalation of care to a senior clinician and provision of appropriate management optimises survival rates for patients and reduces the risk of developing long term sequel from sepsis.

Adult resources
Maternity resources
Paediatric resources
National sepsis reports
GP Posters

Note: The Sepsis Programme cannot contact every individual who accesses the website when the information is updated.