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Published: 10 October 2023

Improvement Collaborative Handbook (V1)

The QPS Improvement team of the National QPS Directorate is delighted to present V1 of our Improvement Collaborative Handbook, designed to help anyone looking to commence a collaborative within their service. The handbook is useful for all sectors of healthcare, as the QI methods presented are versatile and applicable across both clinical and corporate settings.

This handbook is your compass to successfully lead, plan, and implement an Improvement Collaborative. It brings together the experience of the National QPS Directorate as well as other subject matter experts who have delivered collaboratives for over a decade. It presents an Irish-specific adaptation of the successful Breakthrough Series Collaborative Model from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

The National QPS Directorate can offer coaching, mentoring, advice, and useful resources to support the use of this handbook in delivering your Improvement Collaborative.

Thank you in advance to the team in the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group, who will be testing the Improvement Collaborative Handbook with us in 2023 and 2024 as they implement their own collaboratives in acute hospital services.