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Published: 25 March 2024

New Diabetic RetinaScreen eLearning module developed for health and social care staff

By Helen Kavanagh, Programme Manager, Diabetic RetinaScreen

We’ve developed a new eLearning resource about diabetic retina screening for health and social care staff. The 15-minute module is available on HSeLanD.

Aim of the eLearning module

This foundation module aims to increase knowledge about diabetic retina screening so that health and social care staff can support eligible patients to take part in this screening programme.

Who is it for

It’s for health and social care staff who may work with people with diabetes, including GPs, diabetes nurses, practice nurses, dieticians, podiatrists, primary care staff, health promotion staff and anyone who has an interest in diabetes care.

Why it was developed

We developed the resource to support health and social care staff to identify people who are eligible for diabetic retina screening, and to explain the screening journey to their patients and support them to register for and access screening.

We had the help of a community ophthalmologist, a GP and a diabetes nurse in developing the module.

What you will learn

Diabetic RetinaScreen is for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes aged 12 years and older. The module provides information about:

  • the screening journey - registering patients, the screening tests and screening results
  • supporting access to screening including language difficulties and accessibility needs
  • diabetic retinopathy and talking to patients about reducing the risk of developing this eye disease
  • the limitations of diabetic retina screening
  • useful resources including leaflets, videos in multiple languages and easy-read materials.

Where to find it

The module is available on When you sign in or register on the site, search for Diabetic RetinaScreen: helping your patient on their screening journey.

  • Also available on HSeLanD: Reducing cancer risk: population-based cancer screening programmes.