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Walk and Talk Improvement Podcast series

About the Podcast

The aim of the All-Ireland Podcast “Walk and Talk Improvement” is to improve patient care by capturing the personal stories of people who work in and use health services, and make these conversations available through an easily accessible communication platform: podcasting. The podcast is co-designed with patient partners, the National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate (NQPSD) and Health and Social Care Quality Improvement Northern Ireland (HSCQI NI) teams.

The initial scope of the podcast series has included the development of six episodes, based around the six Commitments of the HSE Patient Safety Strategy 2019-2024. Our ambition is to feature guests from Ireland and Northern Ireland to provide a variety of healthcare perspectives from across the two health systems.

Current episodes

Episodes are available on most podcast platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and YouTube. You can listen directly on the website here.

  1. Empowering and enabling patients: The importance of patient partners
  2. Empowering and Engaging staff: Stories, insights and learning from healthcare colleagues
  3. Reducing Harm in Healthcare: Recognising the deteriorating patient
  4. Using Data to Improve: “No data without stories, no stories without data”
  5. Human Factors: Designing for people
  6. Leaders on Leadership: Travelling their paths on quality and safety
  7. It's not about the big things: Leaders on Leadership
  8. Bearing witness: through life and death

Podcast evaluation

Since launching the podcast on September 13th, 2022 for World Patient Safety Day 2022, 6 episodes have been released. An external evaluation was undertaken after 6 months, available here. The evaluation shares our learning, experiences and knowledge gained from this project.

Conference Posters

International Quality Forum, Copenhagen 2023 (PDF, 1 page, 346.5 KB)

Get involved

We want to hear from you and share your stories, experiences and knowledge.

To get involved, contact sheema.lughmani@hse.ie