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Knowledge and Skills Guide

Information and links to the Knowledge and Skills Guide


This guide will help you to discover what knowledge and skills you need to make effective, sustainable quality improvements in your area of work. It will also guide you in attaining that knowledge and skills through the education and learning resources and opportunities available to you.


The purpose of this Guide is to support our health care services in their work to build their local Quality Improvement (QI) capacity and capability. This is a revision of the 2017 guide which includes new thinking and practices to strengthen our approach to QI education and learning.

It articulates the six core competencies required for Quality improvement and the behaviours, knowledge and skills that align to these competencies. The core competencies reflect the six drivers for improvement in the HSE’s Framework for improving Quality.

QI Learning Journey

This Guide sets out a QI Learning journey where knowledge and skills are incrementally built upon as people choose to progress through the three levels of Learning. Within each level, knowledge and skills are set out against the six core competencies aligned to the Framework for Improving Quality.

Who will find this Guide beneficial?

  • People who use our health and social services and are interested and actively involved in improving quality across services.
  • Front-line teams working across our services who are seeking to make improvements. Leaders and managers facilitating change and improvements across our services.
  • Educators and tutors seeking to build QI knowledge and skills within individuals, teams

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