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National Medication Safety Programme (Safermeds)

We work with you to improve the safe use of medicines.

Know Check Ask for your safety

Do you know your medicines? Do you keep a list? Can you describe and discuss your medicines with healthcare professionals and family when you want to?

My Medicines list

My Medicines List is a list of all the medicines and supplements you take. Keeping an up-to-date list can help you know your medicines. It can also help you when discussing your medicines with a healthcare professional.

My medicines list is available in 52 different languages.

My Medicine list - English (PDF, 834 KB, 2 pages)

My Medicine list resources

VTE (blood clot) prevention

Other programmes of work

Lithium therapy patient information booklet

For hard copies of the Lithium Therapy Patient Information booklet, please order directly from St. John of God Hospital.

Connect with us

  • Ciara Kirke, Clinical Lead, Medication Safety
  • Louisa Power, Medication Safety Specialist Pharmacist
  • Gráinne Molloy, Medication Safety Administrator

Our priorities

Find out more about our priorities in the Safermeds briefing

Useful Links

Find out more about Medication Safety