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Steps to introduce Schwartz Rounds

A step by step guide to introduce Schwartz Rounds in your organisation:

  1. Learn about Schwartz Rounds from (evidence) and by linking with other services in Ireland introducing Schwartz Rounds
  2. Identify champions for Schwartz Rounds within your organisation i.e. potential Clinical Leads
  3. Contact the National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate Schwartz Rounds Co-ordinator for further information and support
  4. Prepare a proposal/business case for the introduction of Schwartz Rounds within your organisation
    1. Template for seeking management decision (ISBAR format)
    2. Information Leaflet on Schwartz Rounds in Ireland (November 2021)
  5. Brief your executive management team and obtain organisational support to move forward with Schwartz Rounds.
    1. Presentation on the Introduction of the Schwartz Rounds in Ireland
    2. Template presentation from the Point of Care Foundation
  6. Set up a Schwartz Rounds Steering group.
  7. Confirm Clinical Lead for Schwartz Rounds.
  8. Identify (expressions of interest) two Schwartz Rounds facilitators.
  9. Identify Schwartz Rounds Administration support.
  10. Confirm Schwartz Rounds budget to support:
    1. Training for Schwartz Rounds Clinical lead, two facilitators and administrative support
    2. Catering at monthly rounds
    3. Steering group activities
    4. Schwartz Rounds Continuing Professional Development 
  11. Complete and submit Application Form
  12. Sign Memorandum of Understanding with National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate for the use of Schwartz Rounds license. 
  13. Contact the Point of Care Foundation to schedule an online learning session with your Steering Group members.
  14. Book and pay for online training with the Point of Care Foundation (Schwartz Rounds Clinical Lead and Facilitators)
  15. Make contact with the mentor nominated to set up Schwartz Rounds in your organisation (Mentor's contacts)
  16. Hold monthly Schwartz Rounds Steering Group meetings to plan Schwartz Rounds schedules, themes and panelists.
  17. Celebrate and share success of Schwartz Rounds
  18. Facilitating an online Schwartz Round
  19. Participating in an online Schwartz Round