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QPS Incident Management

We develop and implement effective, person-centred incident management (IM) and open disclosure (OD) frameworks, policies, processes and procedures.

What we do

We support staff to practice safely, including identifying and reporting safety incidents and managing and improving patient safety in a positive learning culture.

We also inform the wider system on key areas of focus from analysis and facilitate the sharing of learning.

Here are some examples of our work:

Incident management

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Open disclosure


NIMS Access Control Policy (PDF, 16 pages, 1MB)

Incident Management Framework and Guidance (PDF, 164 pages, 1.3MB)

Open disclosure policy (PDF, 47 pages, 0.8MB)

Just Culture guide (PDF, 1 page, 0.4MB)

Human factors guide (PDF, 102 pages, 4.2MB)

Patient Safety Together: learning, sharing and improving

Open disclosure webinars

QPS Talktime - slides and recordings from previous events


Lorraine Schwanberg, Assistant National Director

Loretta Jenkins, General Manager, Incident Management and NIMS

Angela Tysall, General Manager, Open Disclosure

Incident Management

Samantha Hughes - Incident Management

Margaret McGarry - Incident Management

Catherine Hogan - Patient Safety Together Lead

Noemi Palacios – Patient Safety Learning Coordinator

Mary King – Admin & Clerical Officer

Aisling Boland – Admin & Clerical Officer


NIMS Project Manager

Mary Gallagher – NIMS

Tara Nolan – NIMS

Vanessa Dunne – NIMS Admin & Clerical Officer

Open Disclosure

Ellie Southgate - National Open Disclosure Manager

Catherine Hand - Trainer and Educator

Mary Friel - Trainer and Educator

Kelly McDyer - Trainer and Educator

Sandra Lehmann – Admin & Clerical Officer