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HSE National Policies, Procedures, Protocols, Guidelines and Clinical Guidelines

Important notice about the Practical Guide for Developing HSE National PPPGs

The Practical Guide can be used for the development of PPPGs across the organisation, clinical related or other, until a separate manual is developed for clinical guidelines. For support with evidence searching contact HSE Library.

Feedback to the National Central Repository Team:

A single source system for accessing, storage and document control of HSE National policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines and clinical guidelines.

Read what National PPPGs are in-development

Read what HSE national policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines and clinical guidelines are in development.

If you are a group developing a National policy, procedure, protocol, guideline or clinical guideline, please let the National Central Repository Team know by providing details as below to and we will publish.
Document Title

  • Document Type (policy, procedure, protocol, guideline or clinical guideline)
  • Topic (max 250 characters)
  • Name of National Group or Development Group name
  • Generic email contact
  • Estimated Publication Date
How to submit a National Policy, Procedure, Protocol, Guideline or Clinical Guideline

Read our procedure on how to submit a document.

Please submit (full document) in PDF format to

Access and Download National Template for Developing HSE National PPPGs and Clinical Guidelines

National Template

National Template - Use relevant headings appropriate to your document when developing new or revised national policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines or clinical guidelines. The template can be downloaded above. We do not envisage frequent changes, but we do advise document developers to download the National Template from this site each time they use it, to ensure they are accessing the most up to date version.

FAQ's - HSE National Central Repository

Please refer to our FAQ page for answers to your queries on the HSE National Central Repository.

National Central Repository

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