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Published: 16 May 2024

Your voice is our strength. Join our network and together we can make our screening services better for everyone

By Emma Homan, Communications Team, National Screening Service

We’re looking for people to be part of our Patient and Public Partnership (PPP) network; people who want to help us make our health services better and save lives.

We want people from all communities and backgrounds to be part of our strong volunteer network and help shape our screening services.

What we offer you

We want to work in partnership with you on projects that suit your interests.

We provide an open and supportive environment for you to share your ideas and views, and your own experiences of using our screening services. We will listen to you, involve you, and value the time that you give us to help improve our services.

We’ll support you to attend meetings online or in person, and we’ll reimburse your travel costs. We’ll provide you with induction training and other training opportunities that interest you.

Our Chief Executive, Fiona Murphy, is passionate about involving people in our services: “People who have taken part in screening are often our best advisors. Our commitment is that we will value your input, we will listen to what you have to say and involve you.”

How we involve you

We are committed to putting people at the centre of what we do and to be involved in our decision-making processes.

We have four screening programmes: BreastCheck, CervicalCheck and BowelScreen, which screen for breast, cervical and bowel cancer respectively, and Diabetic RetinaScreen, which screens for retinopathy (eye disease) in people with diabetes. Screening is for people who do not have any symptoms of the diseases being screened for. We will give you opportunities to be involved in developing and evaluating these programmes.

We will give you a choice of projects to be part of and give you a seat at the table on our committees and project teams. Here are some examples of the recent projects our PPPs have worked on:

  • focus groups to inform the development of Ireland’s national action plan to eliminate cervical cancer
  • input into the development of a framework to improve equity in screening
  • a place on our Quality, Safety and Risk Committee that works to ensure our programmes are quality-assured
  • helping to develop a variety of information materials that inform people about our screening programmes, including consent forms, factsheets, and invitation letters.

Who we are looking for

We’re looking for people aged 18 and over. You do not need any specific qualifications or experience to join our network. We welcome people from all communities and backgrounds, and we can help if you have access needs.

  • Are you interested in improving our screening services to the benefit of all people in Ireland?
  • Are you open to sharing your ideas and your experiences?
  • Do you support equality and equity?
  • Do you have a little time to give?
  • Do you want to make a difference?

Then, we’re looking for you!

Grace, one of our PPP representatives shares her personal experience: “For me being part of the PPP has always been a rewarding and enriching experience. I never imagined I’d feel as involved, or as accepted as I have and continue to be. There is someone on hand to answer any question when needed. The environments both online and in person are welcoming and allow me to feel like, no matter how big or small, I’m making a difference in the National Screening Service.”

How to get involved

To join our network email Visit our website to get more information.

Your contribution matters

We want everyone to be able to make informed choices about taking up screening, and to be able to access our services if they choose to. When you join our network, you’ll be contributing to the health and wellbeing of others within your community and all communities.

Your support will add value to our screening services. Your voice is our strength.